Progressive SA



Where can I purchase Progressive® kitchen gadgets, tools and accessories?

Depending on your location the best bet for a complete range of Progressive prodcucts is Boardmans stores nationally. Please contact us via email if you need any further assistance

Can I order kitchen products directly from Progressive?

Unfortunately we only sell directly to retailers at this time.

Is my product dishwasher safe?

Please consult the Use & Care instructions for your item. If Use & Care instructions are no longer available, you can download them from the product page of this website or please contact us if you need further instructions

What is BPA and how is Progressive handling it?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical commonly used to make polycarbonate plastic, a clear, shatter-proof material. Progressive makes a conscious effort to avoid these materials when designing and producing our kitchen products. We do however have two items in our line that are made from polycarbonate, our Microwave Butter Melter and Drip-less Poultry Baster.

Do you have a catalogue of your products?

Since we only sell to retailers, we do not have catalogues for consumers.