Progressive SA


We are committed to ensuring the long-term viability and integrity of our business by optimizing resource needs, reducing environmental energy and social impact, while not compromising our products or services.

We are actively addressing the following areas:

Reduction of energy use at all levels

  • Installed more efficient tubes as well as sensors in every warehouse aisle, which turn lights off if there is no activity in an aisle. The percent of overall energy savings compared to previous setup is a 59.6% reduction in energy usage.
  • Increased employee awareness of energy conservation throughout building, such as shutting off unnecessary electronic equipment and lights.

Continuous development of more responsible packaging and printed materials

  • Reduction in waste by evaluating the amount of packaging and materials used.
  • Recycling information is now printed on our packaging.
  • Curbside recyclable materials are used in packaging wherever possible.
  • Catalogs printed on Forest Service Certified paper.
  • Use of higher content recycled papers in packaging and office materials.

Higher quality products that are developed and designed to last

Increased employee education and community participation

  • Company-wide Wellness/Fitness Program.
  • Increased recycling efforts and reuse of non-recyclable materials when able.
  • Partnered with outside vendors to responsibly dispose of e-waste (computers, electronics, batteries, etc) and any hazardous materials.